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Magellan Shipping, Inc.
Magellan Shipping, Inc.
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Magellan Shipping, Inc.
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We are available to discuss ways of economizing on your foreign freight costs while continuing (or improving) meeting your logistical demands and commitments.
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Since any export or import transaction involves interface with U.S. gov't agencies, we must have a power of attorney from our principal which can be downloaded here:
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Import Services

When hiring a Customs Broker, there are many to choose from –but Magellan Shipping stands apart from the rest.

  • Our reliability has been proven over time
  • Our integrity in this business is second to none
  • We represent our clients with honesty and care, and will never make declarations to U.S. Customs on behalf of our client that we cannot fully defend
  • If a problem with Customs should arise, we will make sure it gets resolved
  • Our reputation for reliability and honesty with Customs officers and terminal operators benefits each importer we work with, expediting receipt of your shipments

The old expression, “you get what you pay for" is particularly true in our business. There may be other customs brokers that are less expensive, but only a highly reliable brokerage firm like Magellan can help you avoid possible penalties that are within Customs authority to impose.

To read more about why it is essential to have a reputable, experienced customs broker working with you, see these excerpts from the Customs regulations (19CFR171 appendix B).

Our methods of doing business and successful track record save our clients both time and money—because we get the job done right the first time.

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