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Magellan Shipping, Inc.
Magellan Shipping, Inc.
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Magellan Shipping, Inc.
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We are available to discuss ways of economizing on your foreign freight costs while continuing (or improving) meeting your logistical demands and commitments.
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Since any export or import transaction involves interface with U.S. gov't agencies, we must have a power of attorney from our principal which can be downloaded here:
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As a full service freight forwarder and customs broker, we service worldwide origins and destinations without geographical restrictions.

We work with only the most reliable truckers and warehouses to provide these services domestically and worldwide through our extensive agency network.

We are intimately acquainted with the carriers in all trade lanes so we can direct your cargo the most suitable way, whether your goal is to minimize freight costs or meet seemingly "impossible" deadlines.

Magellan Shipping

We are your one stop point of contact for dealing with truckers, railroads, warehouses, steamship lines and government authorities, such as U.S. Customs and the Bureau of Export Administration.

We provide marine insurance as well as surety bonds.

Certified hazardous material experts, we can guide you on the proper classification and labeling of hazardous materials for international shipping.

Export Services

  • Letter of Credit experts, we can guide you as to whether L/C terms are fulfillable and in accordance with your understanding of the transaction.
  • We prepare L/C documents accurately to ensure prompts payment and save on bank expenses due to unnecessary discrepancies.
  • We can readily arrange for consular legalization of documents for countries that require it.
  • We file all export declarations electronically, as required by U.S. Customs and Bureau of the Census.

Import Services

  • Expert Guidance on Customs regulations, tariff classification, and duty rates
  • All Customs entries filed electronically through ABI, enabling release of goods as early as their date of arrival
  • Formal/Informal entries
  • Transportation entries
  • Warehouse entries
  • FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) entries
  • TIB (Temporary Importation under Bond) / Carnet
  • Other Government Agencies: APHIS, ATF, DOT, EPA, FWS, FCC, FDA, PPQ, USDA
  • Expert Guidance on Customs regulations, tariff classification, and duty rates

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